NGP celebrates what really matters
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 04:07AM
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Yesterday, a little after four in the afternoon, an email with the following message caught my eye: Subject: Meet Owen.

he's here!

Owen Tyler Levine



8lbs 8.8oz


~Colleen & Louis

I viewed the attached picture of a little boy with considerable feeling. It felt like a big deal -- the first baby born to a NGP employee since my own daughter, four years ago.

And, just as I was looking at the cc-list to see who else was included in the message, I heard a spontaneous and enthusiastic cheer roll up and down the halls of our company. Everyone was reading the same thing and feeling the same way.

And tears came to my eyes, as I realized how much a community event we had, new life in the family.

Congratulations, Louis and Colleen.

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