I love the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Thursday, March 31, 2005 at 01:53AM
Political Mammal in Politics

It is rare that I am an unabashed fan of anything. But the Daily Show with Jon Stewart makes my purchase of TiVo worthwhile. I set that alert machine to snag every episode for me. Then, at my convenience, I can consume a helping of skewered hypocrisy and exposed idiocy. Each day has something that makes me admire their wit, delivery, intonation, and genius for cutting through bullshit. They are occasionally off key but often enough perfect pitch.

Today, for instance, Congress’ intervention in the Terry Schiavo case was fodder for numerous barbs. The “senior ethicist” Dr. Stephen Colbert was asked whether passing a law to protect this one person went against the Republican core principles of limited government. “Jon,” he said ultra seriously, “there are principles for every occasion.”

Today’s episode also featured an interview with jerky state representative Brian Duprey(R) from Maine, who submitted a bill in favor of gay marriage so that he could fight to kill it. The show’s narrator noted that it was not “the only bill that Duprey wants to thrust in and out of homosexuals’ faces.”

Maybe I'll travel to see a taping someday. It is as good a forum for political commentary as we have in this country. Long live the Daily Show.
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