Bloggers, journalists, political scientists and political practitioners
Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 08:43AM
Political Mammal in Politics

Bloggers, journalists, political scientists, and political practitioners need to stop disparaging each other’s work and learn about the strengths and expertise of others in the reporting and analysis of politics in the United States.

My qualifications to make this pitch are modest: I am a rank amateur blogger (new at it, almost no readership); I am not quite a political scientist (all but dissertation and university employment); I have never worked as a journalist (or learned to write like one); and I am a marginal political practitioner (my expertise is in political technology, not raw politics).

Though there are many exceptions, I often hear those in each field scorn the others.

A few unremarkable suggestions follow (I hope to revisit this topic after the benefit of more thought):

The information revolution is hitting politics now. It needs thoughtful coverage from all angles. My own bias is to try to find those who are doing the best work in political analysis regardless of where they publish. It is a fun time to be in the field.

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